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"We're As Mad As Hell and We're Not Going to Take It Anymore!"

Here are some suggestions for your Tea Party protest signs (879 slogans).

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Rating Slogan Notes
vote for 2872 vote against Wake Up, America! Before It's Too Late!
vote for 2523 vote against O.B.A.M.A. = One Big A** Mistake, America
vote for 2299 vote against Thank You, FOX News, for Reporting Fairly
vote for 1962 vote against If It Walks Like a Socialist and Talks Like a Socialist ...
vote for 1952 vote against You Will Fail! We Will Prevail! God Bless America!
vote for 1930 vote against When Did They Stop Teaching American History?
vote for 1637 vote against Impeach Obama!
vote for 1611 vote against Depose Tyranny! Demand Prudence!
vote for 1545 vote against George Soros, Puppet Master
vote for 1532 vote against Throw the Bums Out!
vote for 1525 vote against Dear President Obama, Did They Accept Our Apologies?
vote for 1473 vote against It Is When People Forget God That Tyrants Forge Their Chains (Patrick Henry)
vote for 1467 vote against God Has Given Us a Christian Nation (John Jay, 1st US Chief Justice)
vote for 1459 vote against Original American Conservatism: Christianity
vote for 1447 vote against Restore America's Decency Laws!
vote for 1420 vote against U.S. Out Of U.N.
vote for 1400 vote against Liberal Congress: Killing Our Economy and Raising Unemployment, Since 2006
vote for 1384 vote against We Are Not Tolerant of Treason!
vote for 1378 vote against No More Tax Dollars for the Aid and Comfort of Our Enemies!
vote for 1355 vote against Public Schools: Leftist Re-Education Camps
vote for 1344 vote against An Education Without the Bible Is Useless (Noah Webster, Founding Father)
vote for 1342 vote against If Liberals Could Win an Election, Why Would They Need So Much Voter Fraud?
vote for 1340 vote against Seal The Borders NOW
vote for 1315 vote against Term Limits? Looks Like Obama Only Needs One Term!
vote for 1285 vote against Drill HERE, Drill NOW
vote for 1278 vote against Stop the Voter Fraud!
vote for 1261 vote against The Only Thing Necessary for the Triumph of Evil Is for Good Men to Do Nothing (Edmund Burke)
vote for 1260 vote against Sheriff Joe Arpaio - A Real American!
vote for 1224 vote against GOP Leaders, You Are the Problem! We Don't Want Moderates!
vote for 1224 vote against BUILD THE FENCE
vote for 1214 vote against It Isn't the Quanity (Term Limit), Its the Quality (Character)
vote for 1204 vote against Obama, We Are Asking You to Step Down
vote for 1172 vote against Loss of Sovereignty At Core of Obama Agenda
vote for 1161 vote against Background Checks and Questionaires for All Politicians, Judges
vote for 1159 vote against We Want an In-Depth Investigation of Soros, Obama, and Acorn!
vote for 1155 vote against Socialism Kills
vote for 1149 vote against Central Planning: Destroying Human Prosperity Since 4000 B.C.
vote for 1146 vote against NO AMNESTY!
vote for 1140 vote against Get 'em Out Now! Every Day They Destroy America More!
vote for 1131 vote against Mainstream Media, Hollywood - Guilty of Treason? Yes, They Are!
vote for 1126 vote against Speak for Yourself, Obama! We ARE a Christian Nation!
vote for 1125 vote against Don't Expect Wicked Men to Pass Good Laws
vote for 1123 vote against Thank God for the 2nd Amendment
vote for 1122 vote against Clean Up the National Voter Registration System Up Now!
vote for 1121 vote against "The Best Institution May Be Abused By Human Depravity" (George Washington)
vote for 1117 vote against Remove the RINOs from the Republican Party!
vote for 1115 vote against George Soros Is Not My Homeboy.
vote for 1114 vote against Bring Family Values Back From Liberal Perversions
vote for 1112 vote against Spend Our Taxes on National Security, Not Liberal Stupidity!
vote for 1105 vote against "I Pledge Allegiance", Oath of Fidelity, Faithfulness, and Loyalty to Country

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