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"We're As Mad As Hell and We're Not Going to Take It Anymore!"

Here are some suggestions for your Tea Party protest signs (879 slogans).

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Rating Slogan Notes
vote for 788 vote against Was the USA Arrogant When We Saved Europe From the Nazis?
vote for 780 vote against Fund the Military - At Least They're Good At What They Do
vote for 777 vote against Socialism Is for the Elite - Ask the Slaves Who Live Under Communism & Islam
vote for 775 vote against SOS: Save Our States
vote for 774 vote against Election Reform = No More Caucuses!
vote for 773 vote against Keep the U.S. Out of the U.N. - Don't Give Away Our Sovereignty!
vote for 772 vote against What Has a Muslim Nation Done for You Lately?
vote for 765 vote against TREASONOUS LEFT-WING MEDIA: The Same Laws Should Apply to You
vote for 763 vote against Moveon.argh!
vote for 756 vote against Save The Secret Ballot - NO CARD CHECK
vote for 755 vote against America's Most Dangerous Enemy: The Mainstream Media
vote for 747 vote against Follow the Creator and the Constitution!
vote for 739 vote against Fair Tax - Simple, Transparent, Fair - It's Time!
vote for 735 vote against Let the Markets Work
vote for 730 vote against Repeal Eminent Domain!
vote for 728 vote against Stop Global Warming - Gag Liberal Politicians
vote for 723 vote against Obama: Undocumented Socialist
vote for 722 vote against Stop the Madness - Stop Illegal Alien Welfare
vote for 710 vote against Socialist Utopia: the Elite Party While the Slaves Work
vote for 707 vote against Read the 10th Amendment - Power to the States
vote for 706 vote against Our Children Are Not Your Nazis - Repeal HR-1388
vote for 701 vote against The Pirates That Scare Me Are in Washington, D.C.
vote for 689 vote against The Termites Have Been Silently Eating Away Our Foundation for Decades
vote for 688 vote against Grow Small Business, Not Big Government
vote for 672 vote against No More Tax Dollars for Liberal Organizations, Foundations!
vote for 653 vote against Liberalism is a Mental Disorder
vote for 642 vote against Mandatory Drug Testing for Congress!
vote for 639 vote against First I Was a Hero - Now I'm a Threat? for veterans
vote for 637 vote against Liberal Judges Are Destroying America
vote for 636 vote against In Obamaland, Conservatives Are Terrorists, But Bill Ayers Isn't
vote for 628 vote against GOP Leadership, Stop Listening to Your Leftist Advisors!
vote for 623 vote against Band Together - Create Business Locally - Yes, We Can!
vote for 623 vote against This Is My Country and I'm Not Surrendering It
vote for 622 vote against If They Were Trying to Destroy the U.S., What Would They Be Doing Differently?
vote for 618 vote against Welcome to America ... Now Speak English!
vote for 613 vote against For The First Time In My Adult Life, I Am Ashamed Of My Country
vote for 612 vote against Back to Constitutional Basics!
vote for 612 vote against My Child Is Not Your Janissary! Repeal the Give Act - HR1388
vote for 610 vote against There Are 5,000 Political Prisoners in Cuba, Bobby! Is that a dream?
vote for 608 vote against God Accepts 10% - Why Can't Government?
vote for 607 vote against Beware Obama's Hitler Youth
vote for 605 vote against Will ACORN Pay Us to Protest, Too?
vote for 605 vote against Volunteering Is a Matter of the Heart, Not Congress
vote for 604 vote against ACORN: Obama's SS Acorn with SS logo
vote for 603 vote against Capitalism Is Not the Problem - Ivy League Politicians Are
vote for 603 vote against Repeal the 16th Amendment!
vote for 602 vote against Clinging to My God, My Guns, and My Money
vote for 602 vote against Those Who Have the Ability to Do Something Have the Responsibility to Do So
vote for 602 vote against Obama's Taxpayer-Funded Army: ACORN and the UAW
vote for 602 vote against Save Small Businesses!

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